Jake Carvey has been creating compelling imagery for broadcast, film and games since 1994. 3D animation was a logical culmination of his passionate interest in diverse disciplines, from set and lighting design, to interactive design and writing. He is obsessed with the development, practice and teaching of techniques and strategies for consistently delivering high production values within small studio environments. As president of Spin Cycle Animation & FX, he led the animation team responsible for creating and producing well over 100 unique animated promos for Kids’ WB!, harvesting truckloads of industry awards along the way.

“We had a number of spots to do, and time was tight. Jake was able to get the work to client on time and of high quality. We were able to work under some tight deadlines, but come out with work that exceeded the expectations of the client, and made us proud of the work we did. Being organized and efficient and being able to give articulate directions so we can go and do the best work we could , has made working with Jake a pleasure.”

Santosh Oomen, animator/educator

With well over a decade of 3D animation and user interface design, involvement in video and computer gaming was inevitable. From the first real-time fully immersive game on the web (Jurassic Park, written entirely in Java) to the first Unreal 3 engine game ever released (the Intel-funded Robohordes) Jake has continually found ways to bring compelling visuals to various platforms.

“Jake was pivotal not only to plumbing how to use the poorly documented, bleeding edge tools and technology on Unreal Engine 3, but was the first tech artist in the world to ship an Unreal Engine 3 game, beating even Gears of War to the punch. Jake is extremely good at tech artist leadership by teaching other members of the team to get better at using technical tools.”

Dave Taylor, Doom & Quake programmer, Robohordes producer

Since 2000, Jake has been working as a freelance director and animator, continuing to deliver projects for Disney, NBC, ABC, PBS, Sony, Target, Wal-Mart, Circuit City and many others. He currently works in Los Angeles, Southeast Asia and Portland, OR.


+1-323-319-3943 (intl. roaming)