Consulted Allegorithmic on marketing and development initiatives, instrumental in connecting Allegorithmic and Naked Sky Entertainment, resulting in first commercial usage of ProFX (now known as Substance Designer), and first implementation of GPU-rendered procedural shaders for XBox Live Arcade for Roboblitz, previously Robolords.

This was also the first 3rd party procedural texture integration for Unreal Engine 3.

Served as Lead Artist and interim Art Director, developed pipeline and initial next-gen shader examples for implementation.  Based on consultation, ProFX was updated to include various essential features including SVG Vector graphics engine for complex, artist driven masking, as well as numerous GUI improvements to support next-gen workflows.

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Roboblitz (2006)

Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment is the first Unreal Engine 3 based game ever to be released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Thanks to ProFX, the entire game, featuring 18 levels in full 3D, fits entirely within 50MB instead of 400MB.
  • 80% of Roboblitz’ textures are generated with ProFX
  • 300:1 saved space compared to the use of conventional textures
  • Game particularly praised for the quality of its textures (see review on IGN)
  • Very fast 20MB/s average texture generation rate

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Client: Allegorithmic

Partners: nVIdia, Epic Software, Naked Sky Ent.

Project: RoboHordes, RoboBlitz