Harley Davidson Naughty Santa

Fix-up job for online interactive video or Harley Davidson. This badge was the “award” for successful completion of the off-key Harley Davidson Naughty Santa quiz. Added 3D vines and holly and other details.  Relight and re-composite. Client: Harley...

ATI: Eye on the Game

Conceptual design, modeling & animation for Trade Show Intro movie.

This challenging project pressed us to leverage customised stock 3D elements…

ATI: Devious Device

Concept development, storyboarding and design for pre-rendered, trade show intro movie.

The team did several rounds of scripting, story boarding and design.

Secrets Of The Pros

The well-recieved Second Edition of this respected book contains an entirely new selection of tutorials for solving real-world production challenges…

The UFO Files: Russias’ Roswell (History Channel)

Well, why not? The search for extra-terrestrials runs far deeper than American pop-culture. Jake handled all aspects of the CGI production for this show. The project presented major budgetary and scheduling challenges. But the unique subject matter presented a great...

Marathon: Durandal XBox Live Arcade

Created new version of soldier character for XBox Live arcade interpretation of the classic Bungie game (Halo creators – DUH!). Freeverse kicked ass on this, and it seems to have done fairly well on the Xbox Live Arcade.