Harley Davidson Naughty Santa

Fix-up job for online interactive video or Harley Davidson. This badge was the “award” for successful completion of the off-key Harley Davidson Naughty Santa quiz. Added 3D vines and holly and other details.  Relight and re-composite. Client: Harley...

ATI: Eye on the Game

Conceptual design, modeling & animation for Trade Show Intro movie.

This challenging project pressed us to leverage customised stock 3D elements…

ATI: Devious Device

Concept development, storyboarding and design for pre-rendered, trade show intro movie.

The team did several rounds of scripting, story boarding and design.

The Great Race Of Oban

Fully immersive browser based 3D flying game. Environment and vehicle designs derived directly from television show assets, utilizing some of our favroite front projection texture baking techniques.